The Evolution of Rallies.

The World's Most Luxurious Exotic Car Event

LuxRally represents a new kind of Exotic Car Rally. Lux is an All-Inclusive Luxury Experience, staffed by rally Veterans and hospitality professionals, who seek to bring a new level of professionalism, excitement, and unparalleled luxury to #RallyLife. LuxRally is a membership only Rally, in order to become a member, you must be referred in by an existing member. We operate at no margin on our Rallies. Any revenue that comes in, is reinvested into the Rally. Therefore you can expect perfection, attention to detail, exquisite service, and world-class experiences, at a much lower cost. Designed for the needs of the discerning exotic car owner, LuxRally creates an experience like no other.

This is LuxRally.

Unparalleled Luxury Experiences and Staff

LuxRally was founded by David Eisen and Alexander Ireland in 2017. As rally veterans, David and Alexander have attended more than 15 rallies nationwide. With their combined experience, David and Alexander have witnessed first hand the importance of organization, expertise and refinement amongst rally organizers and strive to exceed expectations of previous rallies.

Lux is here to find the perfect middle ground. Using an innovative all-inclusive rally model, that seeks breakeven on each rally, the rally encourages guest interaction, fixed pricing with no surprises, and a consistent on-rally experience ran by luxury hotel veterans. LuxRally defines the existence of Rallies; operated by like-minded organizers exploring the World, having fun and driving your favorite car. Welcome to LuxRally.


Somethings can't be bought.

LuxRally is a membership that can't be bought. In order to join, members must be referred by an active member of LuxRally. Membership is free. Please visit the membership page for more information.